3 Steps for Crafting The Perfect Productivity Playlist

Everybody wants that perfect soundtrack to be more productive and get more work done. The perfect playlist needs to be a blend of genres. Maybe a little hip hop. Some classic rock. A little classical. Maybe even an EDM track. You can search for playlists on Spotify or Soundcloud. You can load up on the “Brain Food” playlist on Spotify. But nothing will be perfect.

Music has a strange way of changing your mood. It can make you more productive or make you lazier. It can make you want to get out of the house and move. It can make you want to fall asleep. In the workplace though, it’s about getting a perfect blend of songs to enhance productivity, keep morale high, and improve culture to have a good time.

Here’s 3 easy steps to creating the perfect playlist:

1. Find a base genre

At The Business of Music, indie music has always been the base genre. It was always calming, non-distracting, and the perfect amount of rock. This was always important. For a company playlist, you should have a base genre, something for all songs to revolve around. Then once you have that core group of songs, start adding in the other genres that enhance the core element.

For me, it was adding in rap and classic rock. Personally those are the genres I like. The point of adding in different genres is to keep you from getting bored. Music should always be second to work, but at the same time it should be necessary for your work most of the time. With music and with your perfect playlist you should feel more motivated and more driven to get work done because it makes working more enjoyable, breaks up any monotony there is while working, and helps you to stay and complete one task at a time.

2. Pick songs You actually enjoy

There are so many articles out there that tell you it’s essential to choose ONLY classical or ambient songs. They don’t want any lyrics on your playlist because it’ll “distract” you. Usually though, the songs get boring. They start to sound like elevator music. You start to feel like you’re waiting for your floor so you can get out and listen to actual music.

Why listen to music if you don’t enjoy it? If you enjoy classical, ambient, or wordless music, by all means throw it on the playlist. But don’t feel obligated to because that’s what all the productivity experts tell you to do. Pick songs you want. That’s why on my playlist I have Kanye, Chance, and The Beatles. I have aer, Coast Modern, and David Bowie. I don’t think that I have one song on their that doesn’t have lyrics because when you have songs you actually enjoy on your playlist, you’ll start to enjoy listening to music while working.

3. Make the playlist at least 50 songs long and change it up

Always update your playlist. The worst part about listening to music is that songs can get old fast. Don’t let any song get old. Continually rotate songs in and out of playlists. This way, you’ll never get bored of a song or artist. You’ll always be on top of your game.

Also, make your playlist at least 50 songs (depending on how long you work for at a time). Generally, songs shouldn’t repeat. Same concept as rotating songs. Repeating songs gets boring. The first couple of days when you still like the artist it’s fine, but then things get repetitive and you end up never listening to the song again. Don’t let that happen.

Go be productive

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