Aging out of the VMAs

Ah, the VMAs. An awards show that has given us some of the most memorable pop cultural moments in the past decade. Even though I’m young enough (and listen to enough current R&B/hip-hop) to know who the people are, it was still pretty disappointing, mainly because all the major players from the past 5 years or so (Rihanna, Beyoncé, Kanye, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Drake, etc.) are still the big names in the show this year. At least I wasn’t this lady though:

If you have to ask the difference about the VMAs/AMAs/Grammys, you should probably just Google it. To be honest I don’t know the difference either, I just know there is one, lol. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Beyoncé. Beyoncé entering with power. Beyoncé continuing to give black womanhood a platform. Beyoncé positively SMASHING her performance of Lemonade, basically defecating on the efforts of any other person hitting the stage before or after her, performance wise. She really performs like she owes rent and tomorrow is the first of the month. I am always in awe of how hard she works and how much farther ahead in the game she is than other artists.
  • Diddy accepting Drake’s award and taunting him to come get it. Remember when Diddy allegedly popped Drake for being disrespectful down in Miami? Yeah, he’s probably never getting that MoonMan trophy.
  • Naomi Campbell with that limited edition Pat McGrath glitter lip kit looking like *flame emojis*. Probably the only people who noticed it were makeup and fashion junkies but I don’t know if I’m rich enough to buy it.


  • Key and Peele striving for funny but repeatedly and painfully missing the mark. I understand that I might not get everyone’s brand of humor, but the viewing audience deserved better than this. They were just unfunny, DJ Khaled really should have hosted the show in its entirety.
  • Ariana Grande’s out-of-breath performance atop a spinning bike. It was disappointing, particularly because she can actually sing, but maybe she’s in the Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey/Adele camp of singers who can’t move at the same time as hitting a run.
  • Kanye’s rant. He’s so tired and I’m over him.

Honestly, I had to stop watching after Bey, everything else was a wash. I’m too old to be watching the VMA’s anyway.

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