Duckworth is my favorite track on DAMN. It’s my favorite so far, I should say as favorites change as time goes on. When To Pimp A Butterfly came out, my favorite track was Blacker the Berry, now I’m partial to Hood Politics. That one’s for the thinkers. But Duckwork is so strong, I don’t know if I’ll get tired of it.

I love that 9th Wonder produced it. I love that it’s a series of samples. The story is that 9th produced 3 beats for 3 separate rappers but ended up give them to Kendrick. Kendrick then turned around and merged the 3 tracks into one. Now we have Duckworth. It’s a dope story for a lot of reasons. For one its another mainstream validation of the underground’s favorite underground-mainstream producer 9th Wonder. I love listening to 9th Wonder talk. The way he articulates intention when it comes to production is second to very few.

It’s tracks like these that make me want to go crate digging. I need to get me a digital sampler. When I get my new equipment. I’ve got beats to make. I’ve got fun to have. I’ve got songs to listen to. Duckworth is fly.