My First Experience At VidCon!!!!

As a majority of people know, VidCon is a convention for fans to meet their favorite YouTubers and live broadcasters while learning how to grow their following and expand their knowledge on how to make better content. Not only did I get to attend the convention this year, I also had the honor of being one of the volunteers. It made me a bit nervous to be working for one of the most well known companies, I was scared that I was going to mess something up. Luckily, the CEO had the MODs and Super MODs show all of the new volunteers the ropes on how to make everything run smoothly. As a volunteer, I am not aloud to say anything about the behind the scenes. All I can say is that we have to act professional around other volunteers, security, and the featured creators while we are on duty. Honestly, my shifts didn’t feel like work for me, it was really fun. Considering that I had to miss out on majority of the events(J Vera performing, Brian Hull performing/doing voice impressions, Jason Derulo performing, and attending the panels that I was hoping to attend — the ones about baking and cooking on our channels)that happened at VidCon due to my volunteer shifts, I’m really happy that I did volunteer because it kept me busy and it felt good to help make others who attended smile. Considering that I have had a lot of volunteer experience where I had to be professional prior to this, I felt like this convention was more of a challenge. But…I think it was because I knew who a lot of the people there were and have been wanting to meet them for a very long time. I guess I have to say that a couple of times, I was just lucky enough to spot some of my favorite YouTubers and broadcasters right after my shifts. Like literally…I had just walked out of the restroom from either inside the convention center or the Hilton hotel after changing out of my volunteer t-shirt into my normal clothes. I spotted Sam Collins inside the convention center and spotted Leo Camacho inside the Hilton hotel. Like what? Leo has to be one of my favorite Disney YouTubers and Sam has to be one of my favorite YouNow broadcasters. I was literally shaking after I hugged them, I felt like I was dreaming…it was hard to believe that it actually happened. I was so happy, I met so many new people and reunited with so many that I have already met. I hope I get the opportunity to volunteer again at next year’s VidCon, I hope to get most of my shifts on the first day of VidCon(the main registration day) and some shifts on the other three days. I already bought my ticket for next year, that’s how excited I am about possibly volunteering again.

My Snap after picking up stuff on the first day(the main registration day)
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