Objects in the rear view miror….

Last night as I was writing the post on Synchronicity I was listening to an old song by Meatloaf. “Objects in the Rear View Mirror They Appear Closer They Appear Closer Than They Are” is the refrain of the song. As Meatloaf was singing the refrain over and over again it got me thinking about the process of layer peeling and all of the personal development work that I been been talking about with Nick and Rhoda separately, and doing myself. I’ve added to this post a drawing that I did of myself 2 years ago that was based on a photo of me from September 1995 when I was in Darmstadt, Germany. I vividly remember that trip to Germany, even though it was 22 years ago! There were plenty of joyful things about that trip, but there was also one incredibly painful thing that happened. My girlfriend who I had been very regularly dating for over a year broke up with me shortly into the trip, and over the phone at that. At the time I was deeply in love with this young woman and the breakup broke my heart. I have long since forgiven Joanna for that break up, and we even became friendly again before she decided to enter a monastery 2 years later. To quote Meatloaf “but it was long ago and it was far away, I know it seems to very far.” That was forgiven, but how many other things that are from that same time period or even older do I still remember vividly and hang on to, unforgiven, unhealed, that are blocking my creativity?

This is why peeling the onion is so important. Any old pain or old scar tissue that you carry around is doing nothing but blocking the present day you from being the best version of you that you can be. The more layers we peel back the lighter we are, and the more free we are to live our lives as creatively as we wish.

NB: “Darf ich ein bier trinken” means “Can I have a beer?” in German. While I am relearning to speak German, if you are going to know just one phrase in German, this would be a rather helpful one to know.

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