Stuck Making new Music? Try a new Genre

Music is about expression, feeling and perspective. Musicians put all of that in their music and more. The biggest hurdle though is making the song or songs that’s easily digestible by the public. Musicians can also get stuck, stuck in their own genre and become rigid in how they make songs. Some of the biggest hits were from artist either going outside their genre or approaching their genre from a different angle.

Examples are Bob Dylan going electric, from this he got a whole new audience that might have never listened to his music. The band Crazy Town for making the song Butterfly which is nothing like the rest of their songs which are much more rock rap style. The song still had their style but the sound was different which made them relatable to a bigger audience. Ween is probably the best example almost everyone of their albums is completely different from the last. Going from a hard rock sound to a country sound on the next album.

It’s always about reinventing yourself as a musician but to simply create your songs from a different perspective. I think the best way to do that is through a cover song that is either far removed from your genre or in your genre of music but done in a different style. Johnny Cash did amazingly well with such songs as Hurt (Nine Inch Nails), Rusty Cage (Sound Garden) and One Love (U2). Quiet Riot has the pop category covered by taking a song (Come on Feel the Noise)they didn’t like and turning it into their biggest hit! Their producer had to convience them to do it because they didn’t like the song so much. I actually can’t tell you another Quiet Riot song besides that one and it’s a cover song. But because of that song I’m sure lots of people go to their show.

In any case turning your songs upside down can be a great way to put your creative self in a different space and who knows what might come out it might be the next biggest hit !

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