The truth behind raving.

The rave is probably the best metaphor that western society has produced itself. Hundreds of people destroying themselves in order to be a part of something. This might sound crazy, so lets talk about it; first what is a rave? What is a raver? Why is our best mirror?

A rave, is free party. A rave is that space created between booming speakers within which law is momentarily suspended — where society’s deserters convene in search of all those things that they can’t find within society.

But again, what is a raver, really? And what is he seeking on the outskirts of society?

A raver is an exhausted dreamer, a disappointed and destroyed individual who in an effort to evade his reality, numbs himself through drugs. He is incapable of seeing the diference between what he is and what he thinks he because he is stuck in a pharmaceutical haze; he is lost. But if he could just rid himself of of his chemical chimera he might finally recognize the revolutionary essence of his search.

Okay, but what does a raver seek?

First and foremost, the raver seeks the romanticism of the illegal, he seeks a real place where he might be able to be — a space outside the strains and constraints of society as we know it, in which its laws and conventions are suspended. Like many of us they are thrilled by the danger, by the unknown.

But this is not all he seeks; It would be easy to assume the raver seeks nothing more than a personal escape through drugs. But in fact he seeks much more than that; the fact that the raver participates on the organization as well as on the party itself is the prove that the raver seeks and desires a certain sense of community. The organisers goal is to share and enjoy not earn money. 
The raver tries to escape from the false community purported by society through the massive use of drugs in order to reduce himself to nothing more than a dancer who happily claims his spot amongst the mass of dancing shadows. And this not what we all want? Be part of a group that cares about us but without all the judgment?

Burning Man — the most notorious legal rave in the US —

And is it here where we encounter the tragic paradox of the raver. The point where the rave becomes the most honest mirro of our current society in that in both cases, one must squash their essence in order to belong. The raver’s feeling of impotence and insignificance pushes him to the point of despair and absolute self-destruction of the mind under a chemically induced, false sense of happiness -it doesn’t matter if he erases his personality to the point of disappear in the process of belonging. He just don’t want to be alone. And is this not what we all do? Is it not true that we change and even hide and repress parts of ourselves in order to be accepted as a part? In order to be normal? In order to be loved and cared about?

And last, but not less important, there is nothing the raver wants more than to escape the mediocrity of his life under the represive selfishness of our society. He wants to live, he wants to party. The raver has a powerful desire of living. In his own way, he is also chasing, like many other people nowdays, for a time worth living, he wants to feel alive. But, saldy, in the apparent chaos of their dance the only thing that we can truly see the boredness of a hundred of identical lives, identically unlived. Sadly the raving time is not less empty and sad than the rest of his time. In a rave there are only the shadows of men and women trying to forget what they want to forget, fugitives that think that they are living behind their impotence and insignificance thanks to a devastating drug happiness but in fact this happiness is nothing but perfumed diarrhea for domesticated pigs. And this is not what we do on our free time? Is it not true that most of us hate our jobs and seek to compensate the lost time by trully living during our holidays?

Just like Tiqqun said almost twenty years ago on a warm noon in 1998; the tragic and sad lie of the raver can be sintetize by this sentence: all that the raver seeks he can’t find, and all the he finds he does not seek for it. And that is why he tries to hide his reality by deforming his brain and perceptions with the use of drugs.

But it’s all a lie. A raver is just another member of society like the rest of us, under the control and rules of the State because, just like we experienced over the years, all this free parties are not as free as we think. It is in fact the Law who determinate where and when the Law is not present, it is the State who, freely, decides to tolerate raves — when is not directly the cops who organize the access and limits of these circus of ghosts — because the moment one of these raves becomes political all its organizers are democratically detained.

Sex, drugs & rock’n’roll are acceptable only if its empty of meaning, free will and solidarity cant be tolerated by the State.

The rave, which is the best metaphor that society has given itself, is that space where the better representation of the modern man lives, because like Valéry would say; the modern man is the one whose sense are obtuse; is the man subjected to a state of perpetual instability in need of brutal stimulants, shrilling sounds and hellish drinks while enjoys brief and brutal emotions.

-One of Tiqqun ecos-